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Oxidants And Antioxidants

May 20, 2013 12:17 pm
posted by Manuel

When we burn a piece of paper or other organic matter, ashes are left.The process of burning requires oxygen. This process is also present in our body.The food that we ingest undergoes the process of combustion ( burning)in order to produce energy. As a result of  combustion toxic chemical compounds are produced ( ashes) called  OXYDANTS , which are deposited in our cells indiscriminately and decrease their functional level. It is now known the retention of these oxidants is an important factor in the development of chronic diseases such as Diabetes; Osteoarthritis, Heart Diseases, and  Degenerati conditions   present usually in the elderly.

Fortunately, for many years now life extension vitamins and organic compounds have been found to be ANTIOXIDANTS which neutralize de effect of Oxidants and contribute to a better health. Antioxidant compounds are found in a small quantities in or food specially fruits and vegetables; however our nutrition habits are poor and we require supplements to fight diseases Vitamins A; C; E; Beta Carotene ( precursor of Vitamin A0) ; Pigeonhole; Flavinoids; Grape Seed Extract  and the mineral Selenium are excellent antioxidants.Alpha Lipoi Acid(ALA) slows the aging process. It is very important to consume these antioxidants to fight chronic diseases.

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