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Vitality and Vitamin B12

May 22, 2013 1:32 pm
posted by Manuel

The  chemical name of B12 is Cobalamine. It is essential for the formation of red cells . Red Cells carry  the oxygen that we  need to be alive and functioning. B12 helps the cell to release energy, it works to maintain a normal nervous system, to have a healthy skin and mucosas; but most  importantly it is used in the treatment of Pernicious Anemia. Natural sources of B12 are: liver, tuna, whole grains, wheat germ, banana, peanuts, black strap molasses. Vegetarians may be deficient in B12.

Vitamin B12 is used to treat  Pernicious Anemia, which usually develops en people who have difficulty absorbing B12 from the stomach.  Older people may have low gastric acid,they do not absorb well the B12.They usually have low levels of B12 and need supplementation. Vitamin B12 +B5  helps to treat poor sleep. B12  helps to reduce pain in lower extremities of people with Diabetes. It  helps to  improve behavior an psychiatric symptoms in people with Alzheimer’s Disease. B12 is measured in a blood test. When low it can be taken as an injection or as a tablet. To prevent deficiency  one injection of 100ug per month or one table of 1000ug  per day should be taken

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