Co Q10 and Life Extension

Co Q10 is the abbreviation for Coenzyme Q10 whose function is to help chemical compounds called Enzymes in the performance of their function, which is,to facilitate chemical reaction at a cellular level responsible for the production of energy and formation of other compounds necessary for an optimal health.
Co Q10 is present in all the cells of our body.It is deposited en the part of the cell called mitochondria.its only function is to control the production of body energy. The heart and the brain have the main concentration of Co Q10. In the heart Co Q10 contributes to maintain and to improve cardiac function. In the brain it improves the function of the brain cells contributing to an optimal mental health.

Co Q10 reaches its maximum concentration at the age of 30 years after which it starts to decrease; therefore, it is advisable to take 100 to 200 mgs daily.

The Vitamins C and E plus Q10 are powerful antioxidants.Co Q10 has been used to prevent cardiovascular disease,brain cells degeneration.It improves the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and improves the symptomsof Fibromyalgia.

ADVISE : Start taking Co Q10,Vitamin C, Vitamin E,and Betacarotens to improve your present health and to prevent chronic degenerative diseases.

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