Nutrition,life style and longevity

For many years  many people has been interested in a healthy life style to avoid serious illnesses such as heart attacks,diabetes,arthritis etc. All around us are suggestions and tips in newspapers,magazines and books how to improve our health. Obviously there are many ways to attain a healthy living; what we do not have is the determination to do what is best for our health.

We live in a society where working isa priority. Work takes most of our life time. We have neither time nor the inclination to do what is best for a good healt.We at Life Extension and Multivitamins  are commited to impart information and to make suggestions  how to improve health to live longer.

Daily excercise, healty life style, good nutrition, stress reduction and prevention of risk factors that favor chronic illnesses will promote a healthy living and longevity.

Daily excercise will reduce heart disease, obesity, stress even certain types of cancer. Daily compsuntion of fruits an vegetables is very important.A healthy life style avoiding smoking,heavy alcohol consumption, over eating and stress will certainly improve our health and extend our life .Lack of excercise promotes arthritis, obesity,and poo mental healt.


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