Stress and Life extension

Good nutrition,helthy living and controlling stress are very important factors to prevent chronic illnesses and to prolong life with optimal health.
A good nutrition implais connsumption of nutritious food with low fat; rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins. A helthy living includes regular excercises, no tabaco and avoidance of excesive alcohol consupmtion.Stress is a condition that can not be avoided in our daily living;everithing that we do is acconpanied by a certain degree of stress that should not last long. When a stressful reaction lasts too long then it is when it becomes a serious health problem.
Poor nutrition,unhealthy life style plus stress is a bad combination of risk factors to develop chronic illnesses and to shorten life. Excercise reduces stress, burns calories preventing obesity and diseases that come with it such as diabetis,heart sisease,osteoarthritis even certain types of cancer. Other activities to decrease stress are yoga, meditation, relaxing music and biofeedback.
You may be stressed out when yo feel anxious, tense, jittery,with insomnia and mood changes;you may also have headaches,severe perspiration,sweaty hands,palpitations,chest pain, dizziness breathing problems etc. Life Extension multivitamis offers advise and products to maintain a healthy living.

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