January 26, 2016 8:07 pm
posted by Manuel

NUTRIENTS are al the chemical compounds that contribute to our nutrition.
NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS are chemical compounds that help the work of the nutrients.
Vitamins and minerals are nutrients that help the conversion of food to energy. There are 2 types of nutrients :ENERGY NUTRIENTS that help the conversion of food to energy and PROTECTOR NUTRIENTS that help defend against damaging toxins.Among energy nutrieNts are Vitamin B complex and Magnesium;they activate enzymes which control digestion;absorption and the use of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Among the PROTECTOR NUTRIENTS are Vitamin E; Beta Caroten; Vitamin C as well as the minerals Zinc; Copper; Magnese and Selenium
Vitamin A; E; and C work together as a team.

NUTRIENTES son todos los compuestos quimicos que contribuyen a nuestra nutricion
SUPLEMENTOS NUTRITIVOS;son los compuestos quimicos que ayudan el trabajo de los nutrientes.
Vitaminas y Minerales son nutrientes nque ayudan a la convrsion de alimentos a energia. Hay dos tipos de nutrientes: NUTRIENTES ENERGISANTES envueltos directamente en la conversion de alimentos a energia y nutrientes PROTECTOREDS que ayudan a defendernos de toxinas daninas.
Entre los nutrientes energisantes are: Vitamin;B Complex y Magnesio que activan las enzymas que controlan la digestion, la absorcion i el uso de proteinas; grasa y carbohydratos. Entre los nutrientes protectores estan la Vitamina E; Beta Caroteno as well as los minerales Zinc, Cobre; Magnesio y Selenio’
Vitaminas A; E and C trabajan como um team

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January 24, 2016 9:22 pm
posted by Manuel

Calcium is an indispensable mineral for bone good health. Daily amounts for woman up to 50 years of age and for men up to the age of 70 is 1,000 milligrams. After that the daily dose is 1,200 milligrams Vitamin D is necessary for the absoprtion of calcium from the bowel.The daily requirement is between 200 and 600 international units. It is safe to take up to 4,000 units a day. It is important to check the amount of vitamin D in the blood. Deficiency of Vitamin D results in Osteoporosis; Osteomalacia and Rickets
We make Vitamin D when we are exposed to the sun. Signs an symptoms of low Vitamin D may be bone pain; muscular weakness,an awkward swaying gait and inability to walk in a straight line

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March 5, 2015 10:03 pm
posted by Manuel

The Toronto Star on March the 4th 2015 said ” a third cup of coffee may be good for your heart ” because researchers have found that people drinking three to five cups of coffee a day may accumulate less calcium in their coronary arteries, that those that do not drink coffee. This report is based in an study of 28,138 men and women in South Korea. Recent reports also suggest that coffee improves your short memory and reduces the risk of developing  multiple sclerosis, melanoma and type 2 diabetes.


El diario TORONTO STAR  de Toronto Canada en su edicion del miercoles cuatro de Marzo dice que ” una tercera taza de cafe podria ser buena para el corazon ” por que investigadores en Corea del Sur han encontrado estudiando 28,138 hombres i mujeres que bebiendo  de tres a cinco tazas de cafe al dia acumularon menos cantidad de calcio en sus arterias coronarias que aquellos que no bebieron cafe. Otros reporte recientemente publicados sugieren que el cafe tambien mejora la memoria corta o inmediata; reduce el riesgo de desarrollar esclerosis multiple; melanoma y diabetes typo 2.

My interesante.!!!!

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10:01 pm
posted by Manuel

Lorne  Gunter writes in the Toronto Sun on March the 4t that for 40 years or more scientists and nutritionists have insisted that fat and cholesterol are serious threats to our health.’Now the U.S.A.  government committi that sets  national dietary guidelines after 5o years of study has ruled that fat and Cholesterol are not a serious threat to our health and that there is no relationship between high cholesterol in food and high cholesterol in the blood,therefore bacon, eggs, meat,sea food, sausages, roast beef are not threat to the health of your heart. The idea of fat and cholesterol  being dangerous to your health is based on a flimsy studies.                                                   GRASA Y COLESTEROL. Lorne Gunter escribe en el periodico TORONTO SUN  el 4 de Marzo del 2015 que por mas de cuarenta an…o cientificos i nutricionistas  han insistido que  grasa y colesterol are amenazas serias para nuestra salud. Hoy el comite del gobierno de los Estados Unidos que regula las normas dieteticas del pais ; despues de cincuenta an..s de estudio concluye que  no hay relacion entre el nivel de cholesterol de los alimentos y el cholesterol en la circulacion sanguinea y por eso la grasa y el cholesterol no son daninos para nuestra salud. . En concecuencia no es danino ingerir carne,huevos, salchichas  comida de mar como camarones  y otros alimentos como la leche fuerte.La idea que la grasa y el colesterol son daninos para nuestra salud esta basada en estrudios incompletos y superficiales.

Viva la libertad!!!



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Nutrition,life style and longevity

9:58 pm
posted by Manuel

For many years  many people has been interested in a healthy life style to avoid serious illnesses such as heart attacks,diabetes,arthritis etc. All around us are suggestions and tips in newspapers,magazines and books how to improve our health. Obviously there are many ways to attain a healthy living; what we do not have is the determination to do what is best for our health.

We live in a society where working isa priority. Work takes most of our life time. We have neither time nor the inclination to do what is best for a good healt.We at Life Extension and Multivitamins  are commited to impart information and to make suggestions  how to improve health to live longer.

Daily excercise, healty life style, good nutrition, stress reduction and prevention of risk factors that favor chronic illnesses will promote a healthy living and longevity.

Daily excercise will reduce heart disease, obesity, stress even certain types of cancer. Daily compsuntion of fruits an vegetables is very important.A healthy life style avoiding smoking,heavy alcohol consumption, over eating and stress will certainly improve our health and extend our life .Lack of excercise promotes arthritis, obesity,and poo mental healt.


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Tiredness And Your Health

February 4, 2015 10:04 pm
posted by Manuel

Tiredness is a very common complaint.Usually we  do not know why ?.you can have an idea if you look at your life stile.                                                                                                                    —Do you have enough sleep, ( 6 to 8 hs .at night) ?                         Lack of sleep is one of the most common causes of                       tiredness.                                                                                          —Do you have a quality sleep ? If you do not have a restful             sleep you will feel tired next day                                                 — Do  you have enough energy to burn every day ?  Like a car       your body needs enough energy to burn daily according to         your daily activities.                                                                       — -Do you consume too much coffee ? .Caffeine can drain your        energy by lowering your blood sugar.                                         —Are you  dehydrated ? A woman needs 2.5 litters of water a       day . A man 3.5 litters.                                                                     — Are you anemic.? Low iron lower the hemoglobin that                 carries oxygen                                                                                  —Are you a diabetic ? and you do not know it ? Low blood             sugar causes tiredness.                                                                   —Are you stressed out. ? Chronic stress can cause tiredness          and other symptoms.                                                                        — Are you depressed.? Depression is also cause of tiredness           and lack of motivation                         .


) .


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Stress and Life Extension

May 28, 2014 5:22 pm
posted by Manuel


Stress is a physiological reaction that takes place in response to emotional reactions that occur during our daily lives.The reaction to stress is known as”Flight or Fight” reaction.It triggers a number of chemical reactions in our body which in turn trigger the production of chemical compounds that trigger illness or some unpleasant symptoms.
When the stress reaction are too frequent or it last for a long time there is accumulation of FREE RADICALS which as we know are the cause of serious illnesses that shorten our lives. s. Less stress,less free radicals,less illnesses and more years of a healthy life e The best way to check for stress is to check the function of the adrenal gland which works over time when you are stressed out. This gland produces certain chemical compounds that may cause several medical conditions such as High Blood Pressure, Anxiety,Poor Sleep,
Weight Gain ,Poor Concentration,Fatigue,Depression, Low Blood Sugar,
etc. etc.
Tests to check adrenal function include saliva for cortisol, Urine for catecholamins, and saliva for ADHA.

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Co Q10 and Life Extension

July 16, 2013 11:00 pm
posted by Manuel

Co Q10 is the abbreviation for Coenzyme Q10 whose function is to help chemical compounds called Enzymes in the performance of their function, which is,to facilitate chemical reaction at a cellular level responsible for the production of energy and formation of other compounds necessary for an optimal health.
Co Q10 is present in all the cells of our body.It is deposited en the part of the cell called mitochondria.its only function is to control the production of body energy. The heart and the brain have the main concentration of Co Q10. In the heart Co Q10 contributes to maintain and to improve cardiac function. In the brain it improves the function of the brain cells contributing to an optimal mental health.

Co Q10 reaches its maximum concentration at the age of 30 years after which it starts to decrease; therefore, it is advisable to take 100 to 200 mgs daily.

The Vitamins C and E plus Q10 are powerful antioxidants.Co Q10 has been used to prevent cardiovascular disease,brain cells degeneration.It improves the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and improves the symptomsof Fibromyalgia.

ADVISE : Start taking Co Q10,Vitamin C, Vitamin E,and Betacarotens to improve your present health and to prevent chronic degenerative diseases.

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Stress and Life extension

June 8, 2013 5:45 pm
posted by Manuel

Good nutrition,helthy living and controlling stress are very important factors to prevent chronic illnesses and to prolong life with optimal health.
A good nutrition implais connsumption of nutritious food with low fat; rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins. A helthy living includes regular excercises, no tabaco and avoidance of excesive alcohol consupmtion.Stress is a condition that can not be avoided in our daily living;everithing that we do is acconpanied by a certain degree of stress that should not last long. When a stressful reaction lasts too long then it is when it becomes a serious health problem.
Poor nutrition,unhealthy life style plus stress is a bad combination of risk factors to develop chronic illnesses and to shorten life. Excercise reduces stress, burns calories preventing obesity and diseases that come with it such as diabetis,heart sisease,osteoarthritis even certain types of cancer. Other activities to decrease stress are yoga, meditation, relaxing music and biofeedback.
You may be stressed out when yo feel anxious, tense, jittery,with insomnia and mood changes;you may also have headaches,severe perspiration,sweaty hands,palpitations,chest pain, dizziness breathing problems etc. Life Extension multivitamis offers advise and products to maintain a healthy living.

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Vitality and Vitamin B12

May 22, 2013 1:32 pm
posted by Manuel

The  chemical name of B12 is Cobalamine. It is essential for the formation of red cells . Red Cells carry  the oxygen that we  need to be alive and functioning. B12 helps the cell to release energy, it works to maintain a normal nervous system, to have a healthy skin and mucosas; but most  importantly it is used in the treatment of Pernicious Anemia. Natural sources of B12 are: liver, tuna, whole grains, wheat germ, banana, peanuts, black strap molasses. Vegetarians may be deficient in B12.

Vitamin B12 is used to treat  Pernicious Anemia, which usually develops en people who have difficulty absorbing B12 from the stomach.  Older people may have low gastric acid,they do not absorb well the B12.They usually have low levels of B12 and need supplementation. Vitamin B12 +B5  helps to treat poor sleep. B12  helps to reduce pain in lower extremities of people with Diabetes. It  helps to  improve behavior an psychiatric symptoms in people with Alzheimer’s Disease. B12 is measured in a blood test. When low it can be taken as an injection or as a tablet. To prevent deficiency  one injection of 100ug per month or one table of 1000ug  per day should be taken

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